Tikoni Khasta Recipe

Tikoni Khasta

Tikoni Khasta Recipe

Ingredients for Kaju 1. Maida – 3 cups 2. Oil/Ghee – 85 ml 3. Kalonji – 1 tsp (or as per taste) OR Ajwain – 1½ tsp (or as per taste) 4. Salt – 2 tsp 5. Oil for frying

Method for Phool Matthri 1. Add oil/ghee into the maida and knead with both hands to make the dough. The hardness must be similar to the dough made for puris. 2. Mix ajwain/kalonji into the dough and knead it to spread it uniformly 3. Add water to prepare the hardened dough 4. Break the dough into dough balls

5. Roll it flat into rotis of thin thickness 6. Smear water on the surface of the dough flats on both sides 7. Smear oil on half of the roti

8. Fold the remaining half onto the half in which you have smeared the oil. Now you have a folded half roti.

9. Now once again smear oil on one half of the folded roti.

10. Then fold it again into a quarter. Roll the folded quarter roti with low pressure.

11. Fry it on medium flame

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