Step-By-Step Laddu Recipe

Laddu Recipe

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Step by step laddu recipe

Ingredients 1. Coarse Besan – 2 Glasses/Cups 2. Suji – 3 tbsp

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3. Sugar – 700 gm 4. Pure ghee or vanaspati – 200 ml 5. Kesar – 35-40 strands (Optional)

Method for Roasting Besan 1. Pour the ghee into a wok/kadhai

2. Add all besan. Roast the besan for 15 minutes on medium flame. 3. Reduce flame to low and roast the besan for an additional 5 minutes.

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4. Reset flame to medium and roast for another 15 minutes. 5. Keep the roasted besan aside

Method (For Boora) 1. Add sugar into the wok/kadhai 2. Add water into the kadhai till all the sugar is immersed in the water 3. Add all strands of kesar into the wok/kadhai

4. Cook the mixture at high flame.

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5. Keep turning the mixture with a spatula till it starts appearing like boora. 6. As the mixture becomes thicker, turn the mixture more rigorously

7. To ensure that the Boora is uniform in texture, using a rice sieve to filter the larger grains. Use a grinder to refine the larger grains into a fine texture and mix it back with the filtered boora.

8. Add 1¼ cup boora into the besan. Mix with both hands.

9. You can take small amounts of this mixture into your hands and compress it into the laddoos. 10. To give the laddoo a fine surface, roll it between your palms

11. After this place the laddoo and roll it in any leftover boora to coat its surface

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