Karva Chauth Katha in Hindi and English (The Story of Karva Chauth)

Karva Chauth Katha

Reading of the Karva Chauth Katha is an essential ritual during Karva Chauth – the festival observed primarily by married Hindu women for the longevity of their husbands. The Karva Chauth Katha is the story of Karva, a woman in ancient India who was able to bring her dead husband back to life through the strict observance of the Karva Chauth fast. You can also visit our detailed article on Karva Chauth for other info and resources about the festival.
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Karva Chauth Katha in English | The Story Behind Karva Chauth

Once up a time, there was a moneylender who had seven sons and a daughter by the name Karva. The seven brothers were very protective of their younger sister to the extent that they would always ensure that she had a meal before any one of them. While Karva was married to the king and lived with him in the palace, she once came home to her parents and her brothers on the occasion of Karva Chauth. As a dutiful wife, Karva was observing the strict fast of Karva Chauth wishing for the good health and fortune of her husband.

When her brothers returned home from work in the evening, they noticed that Karva seemed very troubled. They initially ignored their observation and sat on the floor ready to have dinner. However, before they started their meal they requested Karva to join them. Citing the rules of the strict Karva Chauth fast, Karva informed her brothers that she was refraining from consuming any food or water in order to successfully complete the holy ritual. She further added that she could break her fast only after she had looked at the Moon in the sky and made a symbolic offering of food to it. Because the Moon had not risen yet, she could not break the fast and that was the reason for her anxiety.

Karva’s youngest brother could not bear the sight of his sister’s pain and so he stepped out of the house and walked to a Peepal tree that stood some distance away from their house. Arriving there, he lit a fire lamp and hoisted it on the tree. This fire lamp looked just like the Moon when seen from their house. Taking advantage of this illusion, he returned home and told Karva that the Moon had risen and she could hence break her fast after completing the requisite rituals. Elated at the news, Karva went up the stairs of the house and after conducting a puja of the illusory Moon, she sat down to have food and break her fast.

Just when she was about to consume the first morsel of food, she started to sneeze. Ignoring the omen she continued eating. When taking the second morsel of food she spotted a hair in it and paused to remove it before she continued eating. Then as she took the third morsel in her mouth, a messenger arrived from the palace with news of the king’s death. Karva was grief-stricken at this sudden turn of events and could not understand how this could have happened even though she had strictly followed the rules of Karva Chauth.

At this moment, one of her sisters-in-law informed Karva about the sequence of events that had preceded her breaking of the Karva Chauth fast. Because Karva had broken the fast by error, the Gods were displeased with her and had hence taken the life of her husband as punishment.

On learning the truth, Karva decided that she would not allow the cremation of her husband’s body and would instead attempt to bring him back to life through intense penance and devotion. She would further service his body day and night through the rest of the year till he was reanimated.

One year later, when Karva Chauth arrived again, Karva observed the strict fast alongside her seven sisters-in-law. Towards the end of the day, her sisters-in-law approach Karva to touch her feet and seek her blessings as she was elder to each one of them. However, as each one of them approached her, Karva pleaded to them individually to bring her husband back to life. But each of the eldest five sisters-in-law expressed helplessness and told Karva that she should make that request of the next sister-in-law in line.

In this manner, Karva was finally approached by the wife of the sixth brother and Karva once again made the same request of her. This sister-in-law told Karva that because Karva had broken the fast of the previous year by error due to the actions of the youngest brother, it was only the youngest brother’s wife who had the power to reanimate the king. Hence, she added, Karva must make sure that her youngest sister-in-law who would touch her feet next somehow agreed to grant Karva’s wish.

Once she left, the youngest sister-in-law approached Karva. Just like her previous six attempts, Karva once again begged for the life of her husband but even the youngest sister-in-law was uncertain of her power to grant Karva’s wish. Adamant, Karva grabbed on to her sister-in-law and was unwilling to let her go despite her sister-in-law’s desperate attempts to leave.

Finally, relenting, the sister-in-law agreed to do whatever she could to grant Karva’s wish. She cut her little finger and let a few drops of her blood fall into the mouth of Karva’s husband. Immediately, the king woke up shouting ‘Shri Ganesh! Shri Ganesh!’

In this manner, Karva through strict penance and determination managed to bring her dead husband back to life.

Oh Lord Ganesha & Mother Gauri, just like Karva was blessed with the life of her husband through the strict observation of Karva Chauth, please also bless all married women with a similar boon.

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