Masaledar Kaju Pakwan Recipe

Masaledar Kaju Pakwan

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Masaledar Kaju Pakwan Recipe

Ingredients for Kaju 1. Maida – 3 cups 2. Oil/Ghee – 85 ml 3. Kalonji – 1 tsp (or as per taste) OR Ajwain – 1½ tsp (or as per taste) 4. Salt – 2 tsp 5. Oil for frying

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Method for kaju 1. Add oil/ghee into the maida and knead with both hands to make the dough. The hardness must be similar to the dough made for puris. 2. Mix ajwain/kalonji into the dough and knead it to spread it uniformly

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3. Add water to prepare the hardened dough 4. Break it into large dough balls and flatten into thick rotis by pressing the dough balls with a large thali

5. Cut the dough into cashew like shapes by cutting with a flat edged katori as shown in the picture

6. You will end up with multiple dough pieces which are shaped like cashe/crescent moon as depicted7. Over low-medium flame fry it till it becomes slightly brownish in color

Ingrediens for the Masala 1. Salt – ¾ tsp 2. Black salt/Kala namak – ½ tsp 3. Red Chilli Powder – 1 tsp 4. Jeera Powder – ¾ tsp 5. Aamchur powder – ½ tsp 6. Oil – 2 tbsp


Step by step laddu recipe1. Heat the fried kajus in a wok/kadhai without oil. (This heating ensures that the masala sticks to the kaju pieces in the following steps)

2. Now add oil and turn it rigorously to coat the kajus with a little bit of oil

3. Now add all the masalas

4. Mix it to spread it over the kajus in the kadai/wok.

5. Your masaledar kajus are ready for consumption.

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