Maa Gayatri Chalisa in Hindi & English (with Meaning & Benefits)

Gayatri Chalisa is a 40 verse prayer used to worship the five-headed Goddess Gayatri who is usually identified as the consort of Lord Brahma. Combined with Gayatri Mantra, this Chalisa is one of the most popularly recited prayers in Hinduism.

Maa Gayatri Chalisa in English with Meaning | Gayatri Mata Ki Chalisa in English with Meaning

Hrim, Shrim, Klim, Medha Prabha, Jeevan, Jyoti, Prachand;
Shanti, Kranti, Jagruti, Pragati, Rachana, Shakti Aakhand;
Jagat Janani, Mangal Karni, Gayatri Sukh Dham;
Pranavo Savitri, Swadha, Swaha Puran Kaam.
(You are the reliever of pain, the allocator of satisfaction, the granter of bliss, the super-intelligence and the source of the bright light of being.
You are peace, revolution, awakening, progress, creation and incessant power.
You are the creator of the universe, the doer of good and the abode of happiness.
You are Pranavom (i.e. Omkara, the origin of everything), you are related to the Sun, you are self-governed and you fulfil all desires and goals.)

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Bhoorbhuvahswah Om Yut Janani,
Gayatri Nit Kalimal Dahani.
(Oh Mother of the Universe who, along with Om, created the three worlds – Bhoor, Bhuvaha and Swah,
Oh Maa Gayatri, who destroyed the impurities of the Dark Ages…)

Akshar Chaubis Param Puneeta,
Inme Base Shastra Shruti Geeta.
(Her 24 letters are the ultimate purifiers,
And in those letters are based all Scriptures, Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita)

Shashwat Satoguni Satroopa,
Satya Sanatan Sudha Anoopa.
(Oh Mother Gayatri, you are eternal, possess the highest qualities and have the most beautiful form,
You are the unique drink of eternal truth.)

Hansarudh Swetambhar Dhari,
Swarn Kaanti Suchi Gagan Bihari.
(You ride on the Swan, draped in a White-colored saree,
You have a golden glow and fly across the entire sky.)

Pustak Pushpa Kamandalu Mala,
Subhra Varna Tanu Nayan Vishala.
(You hold a book, a flower, the holy vessel – Kamandal, and a garland of beads,
And have a bright complexion and large eyes.)

Dhyan Dharat Pulkit Hit Hoi,
Sukh Upjat Dukh Durmati Khoyi.
(Anyone who meditates upon your form, oh Mother, experiences your benevolence,
His happiness grows and his sorrows dissolve away.)

Kamdhenu Tum Sur Taru Chaya,
Nirakaar Ki Adhbut Maya.
(You are Kaamdhenu – the holy cow that grants all desires, as well as the shade of the divine tree Kalpataru,
You are like magic that is both formless and divine.)

Tumhari Sharan Grahe Jab Koi,
Tarai Sakal Sankat So Soi.
(Whenever one takes refuge at your divine feet,
She cannot be touched by any kind of trouble.)

Saraswati Lakshmi Tum Kali,
Deepae Tumhari Jyoti Nirali.
(You are Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Kali,
Your shine and brightness is absolutely unique.)

Tumhari Mahima Paar Na Pave,
Jo Sharad Shatmukh Gun Gaven.
(Your glory is beyond comprehension,
Even if Sharad attempts to describe your qualities with a hundred mouths.)

Char Ved Ki Matu Puneeta,
Tum Brahmani Gauri Seeta.
(You are the divine Mother of the four Vedas,
You are Goddess Brahmani, Goddess Gauri and Mother Sita.)

Mahamantra Jitne Jag Mahi,
Kou Gayatri Sam Nahi.
(All the maha mantras that exist in the universe,
Cannot equal the power of the Gayatri Mantra.)

Sumirat Hiya Mein Gyan Prakasae,
Aalas Paap Avidhya Nasae,
(Oh Mother Gayatri, when one remembers you the light of knowledge shines in his heart,
And Laziness, Sins and Ignorance are destroyed by its power.)

Shristi Beej Jag Janani Bhavani,
Kaal Ratri Varda Kalyani,
(You are the seed of the Universe, oh Mother of the World – Goddess Bhavani,
You are Goddess Kaalratri and the kind one who gives away many boons)

Brahma Vishnu Rudra Sur Jete,
Tum Sau Pave Surta Tete,
(Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Rudra – the God of the Wind, and all other Gods,
Have received their divine powers from you, oh Maa Gayatri.)

Tum Bhaktan Ki Bhakt Tumhare,
Jananihin Putra Pran Te Pyare;
(You belong to your devotees and your devotees belong to you, oh Maa Gayatri,
Just like any Mother, you love us more than your own life.)

Mahima Aprampar Tumhari,
Jai Jai Jai Tripada Bhayhari,
(Your glory is infinite, oh Mother,
Victory, victory, victory to you, oh Mother Gayatri whose names has three syllables and who is the destroyer of fears.)

Poorit Sakal Gyan Vigyana,
Tum Sam Adhika Na Jag Mein Aana,
(Your power spreads across knowledge – both spiritual and scientific,
Nothing equal or greater to you has ever come into existence in the Universe.)

Tumahin Janu Kahu Rahe Na Shesha,
Tumahin Pae Kachu Rahne Na Klesha,
(Oh Maa Gayatri, once one knows you, there remains nothing more to be known,
Once one has you with him, there remain no sins or afflictions to be erased or gotten rid of.)

Janat Tumahin Tumahin Hihe Jai,
Paras Parsi Kudhatu Suhai;
(You were born out of your own power, oh Mother,
Just like a base metal is revealed through contact with a touchstone.)

Tumhari Shakti Deepe Sab Thai,
Mata Tum Sab Thor Samai,
(Your power shines in all places,
Oh Maa Gayatri, you are present everywhere.)

Graha Nakshtra Brahmand Ghanere,
Tun Gativan Tumhare Prere,
(Planets, constellations and the whole universe,
Remain in constant motion due to your power and inspiration.)

Sakal Shrishti Ki Pran Vidhata,
Palak Poshak Nashak Trata,
(Oh Giver of life to all and every aspect of creation,
Oh Mother – the breeder, nourisher and destroyer – help us!)

Mateshwari Daya Vrat Dhari,
Tum San Tare Patki Bhari;
(Oh Maa Gayatri, because you decided to be merciful,
Even the greatest sinners can find redemption as a result.)

Jaapar Kripa Tumari Hoi,
Taa Par Kripa Kare Sab Koi,
(Whosoever has your kindness bestowed upon her,
Is shown kindness by everyone in the Universe.)

Mand Buddhi Te Buddhi Bal Paven,
Rogi Rog Rahit Ho Javen,
(Ones who lack intelligence, acquire immense knowledge,
Ones who are afflicted by diseases, are relieved of their illnesses.)

Daridra Mite Kate Sab Peera,
Nashe Dukh Hare Bhav Bheera,
(Sins are erased and any pain is lost,
Sorrows are destroyed and fear and emotions are overcome.)

Gruha Kalesh Chit Chinta Bhari,
Nasae Gayatri Bhay Hari;
(Households which are afflicted by the weight of troubles and anxieties,
Have their pains destroyed because of you, oh Maa Gayatri, the annihilator of fears.)

Santati Heen Su Santati Pave,
Sukh Sampati Yut Moad Manave,
(One who is without progeny is blessed with a child,
And enjoys life with happiness, prosperity and celebrations.)

Bhoot Pishach Sab Bhay Khave,
Yam Ke Doot Nikat Nahi Aave,
(Ghosts and demons that torture him are scared away,
While Lord Yama’s servants never come close to him.)

Jo Sadhva Sumire Chit Lai,
Achhat Suhag Sada Sukhdai,
(A married woman who remembers you with pure devotion,
Is blessed with the long life of her husband and eternal happiness in her married life.)

Ghar Var Sukhprad Rahe Kumari,
Vidhva Rahe Satyavrat Dhari;
(Similarly, a bachelorette is blessed with a blissful home and a dutiful husband,
And a widow is blessed with the ability to stay true to her vows forever.)

Jayati Jayati Jagdamba Bhawani,
Tum Sam Aur Dayalu Na Dani,
(Victory, victory to you, oh Mother Jagadamba, oh Goddess Bhavani,
There is none so kind as you.)

Jo Sadguru So Diksha Pave,
So Sadhan Ko Saphal Banave,
(Any person who receives lessons in praying to Maa Gayatri from a true guru,
Will find his worship generating successful results.)

Sumiran Kare Suruchi Badbhagi,
Lahen Manorath Gruhi Viragi,
(If a person meditates on Maa Gayatri with pure intentions and a good fortune,
He will blessed with fulfilment of all his desires and yet he would not be tied to any one of them.)

Astha Siddhi Nav Nidhi Ki Data,
Sab Samarath Gayatri Mata;
(You are the giver of all the eight kinds of miraculous powers and all the nine types of treasures,
You are omnipresent, oh powerful Maa Gayatri)

Rushi Muni Yati, Tapasvi, Jogi,
Arat Arthi Chintit Bhogi,
(Sages, Ascetics, Saints, Performers of Penance, Yogis,
The Sad, The Poor, The Anxious or the One Seeking wealth)

Jo Jo Sharan Tumhari Aave,
So So Manvanchit Phal Paven,
(Whosoever, comes into the refuge of your divine feet,
Acquires all the desires that they have in their minds.)

Bal Buddhi Vidya Shil Swabhavu,
Dhan Vaibhav Yash Tej Uchaau,
(Physical strength, knowledge, wisdom, strength of character and positive behavior,
Wealth, Righteousness, Fame, Power and Prestige.)

Sakal Badhe Upje Sukh Na Na,
Jo Yah Path Kare Dhari Dhayana;
(All these qualities grow allowing one to experience increased happiness,
As a result of reciting this prayer with intense focus and concentration.)

Yah Chalisa Bhakti Yut, Path Kare Jo Koi,
Taa Par Kripa Prasannta Gayatri Ki Hoi.
(Whoever recites this chalisa with pure devotion…
…will experience the kindness of the pleased Maa Gayatri.)

Maa Gayatri Chalisa in Hindi | Gayatri Mata Ki Chalisa in Hindi

Maa Gayatri Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi - Gayatri Mata Ki Chalisa in Hindi - Page 1 of 5

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Maa Gayatri Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi - Gayatri Mata Ki Chalisa in Hindi - Page 5 of 5

Method of reciting Maa Gayatri Chalisa

Maa Gayatri Chalisa is recited during the worship of Goddess Gayatri. Recital of the Chalisa should be preceded by a chant of the Gayatri Mantra.

Ideally, you should eiher take a bath or at the least wash your feet and hands before beginning the recitation.

Benefits of reciting Maa Gayatri Chalisa

Goddess Gayatri is believed to represent Maha Shakti and is the combined form of Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Parvati. This is the main reason why both Gayatri Mantra and Gayatri Chalisa are believed to be some of the most powerful prayers in Hinduism. Recital of this Chalisa will help you to –

  • Develop and appreciation of all holy teachings – scriptures, Vedas and epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana
  • Keep all troubles and obstacles at bay and have single-minded focus on the goals you wish to achieve
  • Gain emotional well-being as well as monetary prosperity
  • Overcome laziness, wash your sins and gain knowledge and wisdom
  • Receive respectful treatment and kindness from everyone around you
  • Develop a strong hold on your emotions and have the courage to deal with and overcome your sorrows

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