VedSutra- Disclaimer

VedSutra synthesizes its content basis information from a variety of sources both online and offline in nature. As details of history and mythology are often based on conjecture they also tend to be disputable in nature. Furthermore, the same information is often interpreted differently by different experts adding to the wide differences in meanings and contexts in different sources.

While we at VedSutra attempt to provide the best available facts, figures and interpretations of mythologies, legends, etc. we cannot confirm that the information provided by us is 100% true. It is for our audiences to maturely interpret and consume the provided information for their own benefit.

We are open to feedback from our audience in case there is any dispute with respect to the information provided by us. Furthermore, we would be happy to feature conflicting views on the same topic on our website though we preserve the right to allow or deny the presence of such information on a case to case basis.