108 Ganesh Names | The 108 Names of Lord Ganesha

108 Ganesh Names The 108 Names of Lord Ganesha

108 Ganesh Names

The number 108 has a holy significance in the practice of Hinduism. As is common practice with almost all major hindu deities, Hindus use 108 names of Lord Ganesha to describe the multitude of his impressive characteristics and powers. This list of Ganesh names cover different aspects of Lord Ganesh’s history ranging from stories of his birth to the various meanings associated with his worship. Recital of this list is used to invoke the blessings of the Hindu Elephant God. It is to be noted that this list of 108 Names of Lord Ganesha can be recited in any order.

Each moniker is recited as a mantra with the word “Om” preceding it and the word “namaha” following it. Following this list, we have also shared the meanings of each of the 108 names of Lord Ganesha and a small analysis of the roots of different Ganesh names.

108 Ganesh Names | 108 Names of Lord Ganesha

  1. Om Akhuratha Namaha
  2. Om Alampata Namaha
  3. Om Amit Namaha
  4. Om Anantachidrupamayam Namaha
  5. Om Avaneesh Namaha
  6. Om Avighna Namaha
  7. Om Balaganapati Namaha
  8. Om Bhalchandra Namaha
  9. Om Bheema Namaha
  10. Om Bhoopati Namaha
  11. Om Bhoovanpati Namaha
  12. Om Buddhinath Namaha
  13. Om Buddhipriya Namaha
  14. Om Buddhividhata Namaha
  15. Om Chaturbhujeti Namaha
  16. Om Devadeva Namaha
  17. Om Devantakanashakarin Namaha
  18. Om Devavrata Namaha
  19. Om Devendrashika Namaha
  20. Om Dharmik Namaha
  21. Om Dhoomravarna Namaha
  22. Om Durja Namaha
  23. Om Dvaimatura Namaha
  24. Om Ekaakshara Namaha
  25. Om Ekadanta Namaha
  26. Om Ekadrishta Namaha
  27. Om Eshanputra Namaha
  28. Om Gadadhara Namaha
  29. Om Gajakarna Namaha
  30. Om Gajanana Namaha
  31. Om Gajananeti Namaha
  32. Om Gajavakra Namaha
  33. Om Gajavaktra Namaha
  34. Om Ganadhakshya Namaha
  35. Om Ganadhyakshina Namaha
  36. Om Ganapati Namaha
  37. Om Gaurisuta Namaha
  38. Om Gunina Namaha
  39. Om Haridra Namaha
  40. Om Heramba Namaha
  41. Om Kapil Namaha
  42. Om Kaveesha Namaha
  43. Om Kirti Namaha
  44. Om Kripakaram Namaha
  45. Om rishapingaksha Namaha
  46. Om Kshamakaram Namaha
  47. Om Kshipra Namaha
  48. Om Lambakarna Namaha
  49. Om Lambodara Namaha
  50. Om Mahabala Namaha
  51. Om Mahaganapati Namaha
  52. Om Maheshwaram Namaha
  53. Om Mangalamoorti Namaha
  54. Om Manomay Namaha
  55. Om Mritunjaya Namaha
  56. Om Mudakaram Namaha
  57. Om Muktidaya Namaha
  58. Om Musikvahan Namaha
  59. Om Nadapratithista Namaha
  60. Om Namasthetu Namaha
  61. Om Nandana Namaha
  62. Om Nideeswaram Namaha
  63. Om Pashin Namaha
  64. Om Pitambar Namaha
  65. Om Pramod Namaha
  66. Om Prathameshvar Namaha
  67. Om Purush Namaha
  68. Om Rakta Namaha
  69. Om Rudrapriya Namaha
  70. Om Sarvadevatman Namaha
  71. Om Sarvasiddhanta Namaha
  72. Om Sarvatman Namaha
  73. Om Shambhavi Namaha
  74. Om Shashivarnam Namaha
  75. Om Shoorpakarnai Namaha
  76. Om Shuban Namaha
  77. Om Shubhagunakanan Namaha
  78. Om Shweta Namaha
  79. Om Siddhidhata Namaha
  80. Om Siddhipriya Namaha
  81. Om Siddhivinayaka Namaha
  82. Om Skandapoorvaja Namaha
  83. Om Sumukha Namaha
  84. Om Sureshwaram Namaha
  85. Om Swaroop Namaha
  86. Om Tarun Namaha
  87. Om Uddanda Namaha
  88. Om Umaputra Namaha
  89. Om Vakratunda Namaha
  90. Om Varaganapati Namaha
  91. Om Varaprada Namaha
  92. Om Varadavinayaka Namaha
  93. Om Veeraganapati Namaha
  94. Om Vidyavaridhi Namaha
  95. Om Vignahara Namaha
  96. Om Vignaharta Namaha
  97. Om Vighnanashin Namaha
  98. Om Vighnaraja Namaha
  99. Om Vighnarajendra Namaha
  100. Om Vighnavinashanaya Namaha
  101. Om Vigneshwar Namaha
  102. Om Vikat Namaha
  103. Om Vinayaka Namaha
  104. Om Vishwamukha Namaha
  105. Om Yagnakaya Namaha
  106. Om Yashaskaram Namaha
  107. Om Yashvasin Namaha
  108. Om Yogadhipa Namaha

Meanings of the 108 Ganesh Names | Meanings of the 108 Names of Lord Ganesha

  1. Akhuratha | One With A Mouse As His Charioteer
  2. Alampata | The Ever Eternal Presence
  3. Amit | One Who Cannot Be Compared
  4. Anantachidrupamayam | Personification of Infinity & All of Consciousness
  5. Avaneesh | Master Of The Entire Planet Earth
  6. Avighna | One Who Removes Obstacles
  7. Balaganapati | The Beloved Child Ganesh
  8. Bhalchandra | One With The Moon As His Crest
  9. Bheema | Huge In Size
  10. Bhoopati | The Lord Of All Gods
  11. Bhoovanpati | The God Of All Gods
  12. Buddhinath | The Lord of Knowledge And Wisdom
  13. Buddhipriya | The One Who Bestows Knowledge
  14. Buddhividhata | The God of Knowledge And Wisdom
  15. Chaturbhujeti | One With Four Arms
  16. Devadeva | The Lord of All Devas (Lords)
  17. Devantakanashakarin | The One Who Destroys Demons
  18. Devavrata | The One Who Accepts All Types Of Penances
  19. Devendrashika | The One Who Protects All Gods
  20. Dharmik | The One Who Is Charitable
  21. Dhoomravarna | One With The Smoke-Colored Body
  22. Durja | One Who Is Invincible
  23. Dvaimatura | The Son Of Two Mothers
  24. Ekaakshara | The One Who Represents The Single Syllable (Om)
  25. Ekadanta | The One With One Tooth/Tusk
  26. Ekadrishta | One With A Single Tusk
  27. Eshanputra | The Son Of Lord Shiva
  28. Gadadhara | The One Who Wields The Mace
  29. Gajakarna | The One With The Elephant-Eyes
  30. Gajanana | The One With An Elephant Head
  31. Gajananeti | The One With An Elephant Face
  32. Gajavakra | The One With An Elephant Trunk
  33. Gajavaktra | The One With An Elephant’s Mouth
  34. Ganadhakshya | The Lord Of All Ganas
  35. Ganadhyakshina | The Lord Of Every Celestial Body
  36. Ganapati | The Lord Of All Gods/Ganas
  37. Gaurisuta | The Son Of Gauri
  38. Gunina | The Master Of Virtues
  39. Haridra | The One Who Glows Like Gold
  40. Heramba | The Beloved Of The Mother
  41. Kapil | The One With A Tawny Complexion
  42. Kaveesha | The Lord Of Poets
  43. Kirti | The One Who Loves Music
  44. Kripakaram | The One Who Is Merciful
  45. rishapingaksha | Black- Yellowish -Brown -Eyed
  46. Kshamakaram | The Center of Forgiveness
  47. Kshipra | The One Who Is Easily Appeased
  48. Lambakarna | The One With The Large Ears
  49. Lambodara | The One With A Huge Belly
  50. Mahabala | The One With Extreme Strength
  51. Mahaganapati | The One Who Is Omnipotent And All-Powerful
  52. Maheshwaram | The Lord Of The Universe
  53. Mangalamoorti | The One Who Is Completely Auspicious
  54. Manomay | The One Who Conquers All Hearts
  55. Mritunjaya | The One Without Any Death Or End
  56. Mudakaram | The Repository Of Joy
  57. Muktidaya | The One Who Grants Eternal Peace
  58. Musikvahan | The One With The mouse As His Vahana/Vehicle
  59. Nadapratithista | The One Who Loves Music
  60. Namasthetu | The Destroyer Of All Sins
  61. Nandana | The Son Of Lord Shiva
  62. Nideeswaram | The One Who Grants Wealth And Treasures
  63. Pashin | The One Who Sits Like A Rock
  64. Pitambar | The One Who Dresses In Yellow Clothes
  65. Pramod | The Lord Of All Places
  66. Prathameshvar | The Foremost God
  67. Purush | The Highest Authority
  68. Rakta | The Onw With The Red-Coloured Body
  69. Rudrapriya | The One Who Is Loved By Lord Shiva
  70. Sarvadevatman | The One Who Accepts All Celestial Offerings
  71. Sarvasiddhanta | The Bestower Of Skills & Capability
  72. Sarvatman | The Protector Of The Universe
  73. Shambhavi | The Son Of Goddess Parvati
  74. Shashivarnam | The One Who’s Complexion Is Like That Of The Moon
  75. Shoorpakarnai | The One With Large Ears
  76. Shuban | The One Associated With Auspiciousness
  77. Shubhagunakanan | The Keeper Of Virtues
  78. Shweta | The One Who Is White Coloured
  79. Siddhidhata | The Bestower Of Achievements And Success
  80. Siddhipriya | The One Who Grants Great Boons
  81. Siddhivinayaka | The One Who Bestows Success
  82. Skandapoorvaja | The One Older To Lord Skanda
  83. Sumukha | The One With A Pleasant And Auspicious Face
  84. Sureshwaram | The Lord Of All Lords
  85. Swaroop | The One Who Loves Beauty
  86. Tarun | The One Who Is Ever Youthful
  87. Uddanda | The Punisher Of Evil
  88. Umaputra | The Son Of Uma
  89. Vakratunda | The Lord With The Curved Trunk
  90. Varaganapati | The Lord Who Grants Boons
  91. Varaprada | The Onw Who Grants All Wishes And Boons
  92. Varadavinayaka | The One Who Bestows Bounties And Success
  93. Veeraganapati | The Heroic Warrior Lord
  94. Vidyavaridhi | The Repository Of Knowledge
  95. Vignahara | The Destroyer Of Evil
  96. Vignaharta | The One Who Removes Obstacles
  97. Vighnanashin | The One Who Destroys Obstacles
  98. Vighnaraja | The Lord Of Obstacles
  99. Vighnarajendra | The Lord of All Obstacles
  100. Vighnavinashanaya | The Destroyer Of Afflictions
  101. Vigneshwar | The Lord Of All Obstacles
  102. Vikat | The Possessor Of A Huge & Gigantic Figure
  103. Vinayaka | The Lord Of All
  104. Vishwamukha | The Master Of The Universe
  105. Yagnakaya | The Accepter of Sacrificial Rituals & Offerings
  106. Yashaskaram | The One Who Grants Fame And Glory
  107. Yashvasin | The Ever Popular Lord
  108. Yogadhipa | The Lord Of Yoga & Meditation

Analysis of the 108 Lord Ganesh names – A search for meaning in the different names of Lord Ganesha

Looking closely at the above list of the 108 Lord Ganesh names, it is easy to wonder how so many different names of Lord Ganesha were created at all. It has to be noted that many of these 108 Lord Ganesh names are synonymous or very closely related in meaning. Below we highlight some of the different names of Lord Ganesha which reference the same quality or the same myth related to the Hindu Elephant God.

Examples of similar Ganesh names
1) Specifically picking 4 of the different names of Lord Ganesha – Sureshwaram, Bhoopati, Bhoovanpati and Devendrashika – you will notice that all these names identify him as the Lord or Protector of all Gods.
2) Similarly 4 other Lord Ganesh names – Siddhidhata , Siddhivinayaka, Varadavinayaka and Yashashkaram – describe him as the bestower of success and fame.
3) Another example of different names of Lord Ganesha having similar meanings are the 6 monikers – Avighna, Vignaharta, Vighnanashin, Vignahara, Vighnaraja, Vighnarajendra and Vigneshwar, all of which describe him as the remover of obstacles or evil from one’s path.
4) Lastly, the terms Buddhinath, Buddhipriya, Buddhividhata and Vidyavaridhi are another set of different Lord Ganesh names all of which revere him as the source of knowledge and wisdom.

Analysis of this list of different names of Lord Ganesha helps recognize that the names are mostly based on the following factors
1) Lord Ganesh’s relationship with other Hindu deities particularly Shiva Parvati, Lord Murugan and His animal vehicle
2) Stories of Lord Ganesh’s origins
3) His appearance – the Elephant Head, His complexion, His four-armed form, etc.
4) Meanings associated with the worship of Lord Ganesha
5) His Intellectual characteristics

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